We want to be able to provide the best experiences, adventures and fun learning activities possible whilst your child is in our Scout Group. However for us to maintain the hall, train the leaders, pay for electricity and all of our essential equipment it all costs money. Each year we carefully calculate how much the fees are to include as much of the above as possible, and your child’s insurance and registration with Scouts New South Wales.

In order for us to keep fees to a minimum and to ensure we can purchase and maintain our assets and our high quality of Scouting we rely on our dedicated committee. We have committee members who are devoted to researching and applying for suitable grant’s. However the main bulk of our money is sourced from fundraising, and we have committee members who tirelessly find new ways for us to fundraise. Whenever possible we try and fundraise by taking money from the public (sausage sizzles, raffle tickets) not from our Scouting families at 3rd Bathurst (All Saints Cathedral) Scout Group.

With all of the time and effort that goes into organising the various fundraising events, we really need and appreciate families participation in making that fundraising successful. After all it will provide your child with better scouting equipment and opportunities, and it will help us to keep fees to a minimum!