Welcome to the 3rd Bathurst Scout Group…

The 3rd Bathurst Scouts are an enthusiastic team of scouts and leaders who meet weekly throughout the school term. Through our program of learning, kids are taught to develop new skills. They are taught how to observe and think critically in a situation, how to work as a team and how to get out and live life.

As a group, the 3rd Bathurst Scouts teach life skills. Scouting in Bathurst may have begun in 1932, but we are beyond campfire and the “dib dib dob dob” that many parents remember from their childhood. We prepare kids for the future. We’re a very active organization and strive to inspire our young people to do their best. This is provided through a stable and welcoming environment built upon stable influence.

What to expect when you join our group…

  • We organise camps and outdoor activity days in Bathurst and surrounding districts on a regular basis.

  • Activity days and event participation put our scouts ‘out there in the community’.

  • We go canoeing, bushwalking and hiking as part of day, weekend and extended camp activities.

  • We teach self-sufficient skills such as cooking, planning and environmental awareness.

  • We play games and build things using everyday materials.

  • We encourage flexible thinking and problem solving skills through group discussion workshops.

  • We teach pride in the community, pride in self and pride in being Australian.

How to become  involved…

We meet once a week and our award scheme covers not only physical skills but academic as well. Our leaders always say: “It’s always a pleasure to see the scouts realize their potential”.

Our Group meet at the Scout Hall behind the All Saints Cathedral (Church St, Bathurst)

Weekly meetings are for:

  • Joeys (aged 6-8)

  • Cubs (aged 7.5 – 11)

  • Scouts (aged 10.5 – 15)

  • Venturers (aged 14.5 – 18)

  • Rovers (aged 18 – 26)


Our Location


To find out more about 3rd Bathurst Scouts, please contact:

David “Gru” McInroy
Leader in Charge, 3rd Bathurst Scouts.
0497 198 608